The 4 modules with 16 lessons course

Excellent Team Leadership is vital to build and retain a high-performing team.

The Sharpening Team Leader Skills Course is ideal for new team leaders who want fast learning of the key skills. It is also ideal for experienced leaders who know change happens and are looking to continue to develop.

  • Module One - Understanding Teams

    Lesson 1: Four stages of team dynamics

    Lesson 2: Five ways to build your team

    Lesson 3: Five ways to reach team goals

    Lesson 4: How to get the best from your team

  • Module Three - Inspiring Your Team

    Lesson 1: Getting the most from your team

    Lesson 2: Energize your team Part One

    Lesson 3: Energize your team Part Two

    Lesson 4: Create a powerful team sprint

  • Module Two - Nurturing Your Team

    Lesson 1: How to boost teamwork

    Lesson 2: How to foster team trust

    Lesson 3: How to keep your team engaged

    Lesson 4: How to grow together

  • Module Four - Troubleshooting Your Team

    Lesson 1: Overcome limiters to team potential

    Lesson 2: Avoid habits that derail teams

    Lesson 3: Motivating the disengaged

    Lesson 4: Managing team conflict

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The Sharpen Your Team Leader Skills Course

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